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Ultraviolet Light Therapies

UVLRx (ultraviolet light Rx)

A Polychromatic Light Emitting Diode System to Deliver Low Dose Light Directly into a Peripheral Intravascular Catheter for Improving Chronic Fatigue (UVL_0008 and_0009).

This study is assessing a new treatment to reduce chronic fatigue.

Many subjects can be affected by chronic fatigue. This research study is to evaluate the feasibility of an investigational device that administers low-light energy through an intravascular (IV) catheter. Accordingly, subjects will receive normal saline solution while concurrently receiving light therapy. The study will involve fifteen (15) treatments and a total of seventeen (17) visits to the treatment site.

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UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation)

We use auto-hemotransfusion as the basis for exposing a patient’s blood to UVA and UVC wavelengths to decrease inflammation and remove infections, including bacteria and common viruses like the flu or Epstein Barr. The process involves withdrawing blood from the patient, then re-infusing it, exposing the blood to ultraviolet light on the way. UVBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) is indicated for viruses, bacteria, fungi, wound healing, pain and inflammation, among other conditions.