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Nutritional Care Guidance

Prevention of disease and support of the body’s innate ability to heal using safe and effective natural remedies are the core philosophies of Naturopathic Medicine and Integrative Medicine. iheal nutritional care providers personally evaluate and select supplements and vitamins that have earned the highest reputation for quality and efficacy. Additionally, our supplements are a generally safer, gentler alternative to pharmaceuticals. These supplements are available for purchase in our office or online.

The Benefits of Professional Guidance

An essential component to safe and effective herbal therapy treatment is professional guidance. Our practitioners obtain complete medical histories, are always willing to communicate with your other providers about treatment plans, and explain possible side effects or risks before trying a supplement therapy. iheal offers a full spectrum of diagnostic and laboratory testing to optimize herbal or vitamin therapy.


Through our comprehensive assessment we look at macroscopic and microscopic indicators of your wellbeing. We assess lifestyle, nutrition and sleep/wake cycles.  We consider genomic predispositions and environmental stressors that create a barrier to wellness. We look for root cause issues and work to strengthen a patients foundation which often times addresses the concerns of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Leaky Gut/Gluten sensitivity, Migraines.